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[Auto accessories]

[We offer half off all car accessories when you purchase an oil change or tire rotation.]

[Car Diagnosis]

[We can run diagnostics on your vehicle and figure out what’s wrong with it within a matter of minutes.]


[Our team of experts are skilled and licenses to work on over 100 different vehicle make and models.]

[Our Services & Offers]


[Transmissions & Gear - $230]

[We will remove and replace your vehicle’s transmissioin]


[Tires and wheels - $230]

[We will replace all tires and wheels.]


[Exhaust System - $230]

[New exhaust system will be installed]


[Break and repairs - $230]

[We will fix any broken windows or dents]


[Battery Repair - $230]

[We will work on repairing your vehicle’s battery]


[Engine repair - $230]

[We will repair your engine]


[Batteries and power - $230]

[Battery replacement]

[What To Expect]

[We will always communicate with you about your car’s condition and be honest with what we recommend to do. We believe in integrity, honesty, and great service.]